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It is hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it’s even harder to give up when you know it’s everything you ever wanted. From the viewpoint of healthcare, we live in fortunate times and we’re here for you. You do not have to give up on the bliss of motherhood just because conventional methods don’t work in your favour. Your hope, efforts and our expertise will make your dream of motherhood come true. 
          With a phenomenal team of counselors, doctors and caretakers, with rich experience and global level accomplishments in infertility and IVF treatment, there is no room for fear and apprehension among those suffering from infertility caused by low sperm count, blocked tubes or any other reason. Committed to the well-being of women, EVAA Fertility and Research Centre, the best IVF clinic in the region, furnishes IVF treatment, gynaecology treatment, Maternity – Pediatrics care & Wellness.

  • Commitment towards excellence.
  • Aim at helping couples to realize their desire to have children.
  • Renowned Team of Gynecologist, with an experience of almost 10 years in the field of infertility with an excellent success rates achieved.
  • Andrologist Available to solve out all kind of Male factor related issues.
  • A team of Embryologist, Well trained and masters in their field.
  • A Sympathetic Counsellor, who decreases the gap between the Patient and the treatment protocol, by solving all myths and queries of the patient. 
  • Dedicated team of staff, available round the clock.
  • State of art IVF lab, with Latest technology instruments, From best incubators to the best micromanipulator (ICSI) to the most advanced LASER.
  • All Services Present Under the same  roof: Patient Does not have to go from one place to another for any investigation or procedure
  • The Best Ultrasonography machine: SAMSUNG U460H-60-3D,4 images can be taken 
  • All kinds of hormone analysis done under same roof
  • Zero Patient admission required for IVF: Patient does not have to stay with us even for a single day during the entire procedure, saving on the economical aspect of the patient: totally Day care IVF 
  • Patient convenience Packages Available: Entire cost of IVF can be deposited in period of one month
  • Special Discount packages for Below Poverty Line Patients


EVAA Fertility & Gynaecology Centre
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Near Housing Board Lights, Chandigarh

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