Who Need Fertility Consultation :


Couple under 35 years age ,unable to become pregnant for one year or more of trying. 

Couple over 35 years age, unable to become pregnant for six months or more of trying. 

If the female partner has Irregular cycles and has problem in conceiving. 

Couples diagnosed with : Female Partner : Blocked Tubes, Uterine Damage, 

Egg Quality issues , or any ovulation problem. Male Partner: Any Sperm count related issues, Ejaculation Problems. 

If Patient has had surgical sterilization such as tied tubes or vasectomy. 

Couple having a history of recurrent miscarriages. 

Couples Having Tried to conceive with oral drugs and still no success. 

Couples who have had repeated IVF failures. 

Couples who have a history of genetic problem in their previous or in the family. 


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